KaiRui Furniture: Your Gateway to Quality Furniture Production

Oct. 31, 2023

KaiRui Furniture: Your Gateway to Quality Furniture Production

Kairui Furniture, a name synonymous with excellence in furniture manufacturing, extends a warm invitation to retailers, wholesalers, and discerning buyers looking for a seamless partnership. Nestled in the heart of Vietnam, our company is dedicated to delivering top-tier indoor furniture, including sofas, futons, recliners, accent chairs, benches & ottomans, upholstery beds, rockers, and an array of other exceptional pieces.

KaiRui Furniture: Your Gateway to Quality Furniture Production

Unveiling Our Legacy


With a heritage dating back to 2008, Kairui boasts a remarkable 15-year journey in the furniture industry. We take immense pride in announcing our spanking-new factory that commenced operations on the 1st of March, 2023. It marks a new chapter in our unwavering commitment to provide the best for our partners.


An Unwavering Commitment to Quality


At Kairui, quality reigns supreme. Each production line undergoes meticulous QC inspections, ensuring that every furniture piece stands tall against our exacting standards. This commitment extends to our packaging as well, with stringent drop tests, rolling tests, and more. Should the need arise, we are equipped to facilitate third-party testing, including the demanding ISTA 3A or 6A tests, to meet the stringent demands of the online sales arena.


A Glimpse of Our Production Prowess


Currently, our two operational workshops house an impressive five production lines, offering a monthly capacity of 250 to 300 HQ units. Excitingly, two additional workshops are under construction and expected to swing into action in December of this year. This expansion is poised to double our production capacity, with an anticipated 8-10 production lines and a monthly throughput of approximately 800 HQ units.

KaiRui Furniture: Your Gateway to Quality Furniture Production

Our Certifications and Compliance


Our credentials speak volumes. We hold vital certifications, including SMETA 4P, FCCA, and a gamut of other certifications essential for the American market, such as ISTA 3A, 6A, P2, among others.


Setting Us Apart


Armed with substantial self-owned land and an extensive production capacity, Kairui Furniture is perfectly poised to provide competitive pricing without compromise on quality. Our commitment to timely delivery ensures your orders are met with precision and efficiency.

KaiRui Furniture: Your Gateway to Quality Furniture Production

A Vision for the Future


At Kairui, we understand the importance of sustainability, innovation, and broadening our product horizons. We are ceaselessly evolving to keep pace with the ever-evolving demands of the furniture industry.


Get in Touch


For inquiries or to explore potential collaborations, please reach out to our dedicated representative, at +1 (346) 317-5893 or via email at

Kairui Furniture extends a warm welcome to retailers, wholesalers, and buyers. Let's embark on a journey to shape a prosperous future together, where quality and innovation converge seamlessly.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question.

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